I'm Dan, a GISP certified developer of mostly geospatial applications. I created this site to showcase my own projects, as well as other random nonsense related to application development.
I am fully aware this website is hideous.



I have several years of experience with the following languages and development archiectures:
  • ESRI ArcObjects tool development with C#.NET
  • ESRI ArcGIS Server web application development with ASP.NET
  • Powerful client/server web mapping applications involving (D)HTML, JavaScript, ASP.NET,ColdFusion, PHP, T-SQL/SQL Server
  • NASA WorldWind (3D) development (.NET version, and a bit of Java SDK) as well as Google Earth centric application development
  • Open Source GIS (OGC, WMS, WFS, Geoserver)
  • Google Maps applications (i.e."Mashups")
  • Database Design in Access and SQL Server for geopspatial projects
  • Database/Excel programming (.NET)
  • Remote sensing component creation(ENVI IDL components and .NET integration)
  • Plenty of experience with several mapping and multmedia software packages
  • Windows Phone 7.5 application development using WCF/SQL Server/XAML
Please send all inquiries, job offers, and winning lotto numbers to: