Say Mail! - Email Dictation App (Windows Phone)

Say Mail!
My third Windows Phone app, Say Mail!, is a productivity tool for dictating emails:
Download at:
Say Mail! is a simple and very powerful tool to compose emails using dictation. Dictate an email, optionally have it read back to you, choose a email address (from contacts, or quick list), then hit 'Send'. The email is composed and is ready to go!
Free trial is fully functional with ads, or buy the full version to remove the ads!
You can speak words, punctuation (comma, period, question mark, etc), as well as layout shortcuts (new paragraph, new line,etc). Dictations append, so you can take your time, and shake the phone to start over.
This application uses top of the line Dragon dictation/text to speech technology by Nuance.
The design here is nothing fancy but it does what you need it to do quickly and efficiently, without distracting you with extra bells and whistles.
Sometimes, tapping away on that on-screen keyboard forces us to cut corners in our emails, but no longer!
Note: To avoid abuse, all users are limited to 20 text to speech/speech to text transactions daily.
Please rate/review and give us feedback for desired updates!
- v.1.1.1  updates - Added ability to specific email subject line (dictate is optional). Left/Right swipe/flick to undo/redo the last edit. Add option setting for 'shake to clear', also a Delete button on the app bar to clear. Add a space after each dictated segment. Make email box bigger if using paid version.
- v.1.1.0  updates - Quick list introduced. Users can add an email address to this list, bypassing the contact picker. Recently used email addresses (i.e. when using contact picker) are added to the list automatically. Also, optionally vibrate the phone to indicate the dictation process has finished (more efficient/less looking at the phone). Return key now works in text box (oops).
- v 1.04 updates - Continue previous dictation, shake phone to clear.
- v 1.03 updates - Bug fixes and better error handling
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