Sports Hookup - Geospatial WP7 App

My second Windows Phone app, Sports Hookup, is all about setting people up with others who want to play sports. It allows people to find others who want to play a particular sport within a given location. The app can be found at:
Download at:
Sports Hookup is an app for finding others who are looking to play a sport, or making yourself known to others who are looking. Users can opt-in at any time by providing a location, sports they're interested in playing, and some descriptive text. This will allow others to find you on the map.
Have you ever moved or traveled somewhere, and wanted to hookup with others to play your favorite sport, only to realize you don't know anyone in the area? This app's goal is to be a global 'sign up sheet' for players looking to setup games.
*** How we use your location ***
Users can choose how they want to provide their location, whether using the GPS in the phone, or typing an address/general location. All we store in our database is ONE geographic coordinate for each user at any given time. This can be any location you choose.
*** Fully functional trial! ***
The trial is fully functional, however, please consider supporting the developer if you like what you see.
***Plea for help***
Since this app is fairly new, there aren't many players available in the online database, so if you'd like to hookup and play a sport, then please update your status to "on" so that people can find you! This app is only useful if many people can be found!